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Epikgo Hoverboard Review – Self Balancing Hoverboard Buying Guide

The Epikgo is the first UL 2272 certified, all terrain and Self Balancing Hoverboard in Amazon Market, Read our Epikgo Hoverboard Review to find what is the best Hoverboard for You. As many off road hoverboard are available in Market especially in Amazon Store most expensive hoverboard and Epikgo Hoverboard have long life.


As before buying any hoverboard you always search for best hoverboard reviews, so we are here to review Epikgo Hoverboard and full buying guide for purchasing it in 2017. Epikgo hoverboard for sale is available on Amazon.

The EPIKGO exudes toughness and tech. It’s almost black-ops military in its character. How attractive you’ll find that is going to be a highly personal decision, but I think for the male demographic with a little more cash to burn, this is going to be a popular consideration just based on the way that it looks. The board is UL 2272 certified for safety, and it’s powered by a UL 2271 certified Samsung LG battery. It’s made by a US brand based in Silicon Valley. The EPIKGO comes equipped with large 8.5 inch wheels that can handle any terrain.

Epikgo is currently the best all terrain hoverboard on the market. Right now its hard to find a scooter that can compete with this in terms of the variety of environments where you can use it. Big, strong and durable, but more suited to teenagers and adults.

Specifications and Features of the Epikgo hoverboard

When it come to the Features of the Epikgo hoverboard then at first, glance, what immediately strikes you is the size of this hoverboard. Most traditional hoverboards have 6.5 inch wheels, but with 8.5 inch wheels this is significantly bigger. And of course bigger usually means more power!

It weighs fourteen kilograms and measures 27.5 by 8.7 by 9.1 inches. It comes with 400w dual motors, which potentially makes its two huge wheels extremely powerful during a ride on rough surfaces. The max load is a whopping 240 lbs weight. The availability of the gyroscopic motor makes it adjust effortlessly to the simple motion of your weight, offering a flawless riding experience.

This is not compact by any means. It could have been worse though, at least the frame is made from aluminum, which should give a good blend of strength and lightness. As a case in point the manual puts the maximum user weight at 265 pounds. That makes this a great choice for more hefty riders.

The body is designed with aluminum alloy frame, a feature which provides you with much needed durability. The scooter is 2x more powerful and 30% larger than its leading competitor, providing an increased foot space, a stable ride and more control.

How To use the Epikgo Hoverboard?

Many Adults riders feel the problem that how do they use the Epikgo hoverboard? Just lean forward with your toes down to move forward and to go backwards lift your toes and tilt your frame backwards – it’s that simple.  Here’s a very quick video showing you how to use the Epikgo:

Epikgo Hoverboard safety certification

Regarding the safety certification, it is UL 2272 Certified and comes with UL2271 certified LG Smart Lithium-ion Battery.

The Epikgo self balancing scooter is also IP54 certified which means that it is water resistant.

That doesn’t mean that you want to submerge your scooter under water, however it’s safe to use in rain, travel through puddles etc.

Epikgo Hoverboard Warranty information

Each domestic purchase of EpikGo comes with a limited 1-Year manufacturer warranty against mechanical defects , which primarily covers labor and parts from the manufacturer, a US company based in Silicon Valley. You can just inform them about any issue during this particular period, as they are available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.

The conclusion of a Jury

The Epikgo has clearly been made to address all the main issues people have had with hoverboards at the start if their popularity. It’s designed to be safe, strong and durable. It has a lot of sophisticated technology in it, it doesn’t have gimmicks and most importantly it is much more practical for outdoor commuting thanks to it’s larger and more rugged nature.

This is the first hoverboard that is really all terrain – the Segway Mini pro is all terrain as well, but with the knee bar in the middle it’s less like a traditional hoverboard, and its design isn’t for everyone. The Epikgo board speed will be a draw for many users as well because it’s one of the fastest boards out there – at least 2 mph faster than many of its competitors.

Where to buy Epikgo Hoverboard?

So the question is from where you can easily buy Epikgo Hoverboard? It’s currently only available on the official website and on Amazon – I like Amazon for its free shipping, customer service and if you check regularly you can find some good deals there too.